The Perfect Cygwin Setup for Windows

What is Cygwin?


Well the makers of Cygwin describe it as the Linux feeling on Windows. I know many of you are thinking why do you need to run Cygwin when you can have the entire Linux experience just by installing on of the Linux distros like the infamous Ubuntu.  Well there are several reasons why one would do this, my personal favorite is that probably you double as a Designer and Developer at the same time and Linux does not have that great interface or programs for the designers, for instance its difficult to install Photoshop or CorelDraw on Ubuntu and these are some of the most prolific design packages available out there. Photoshop is actually so infamous that it has become an english verb. You hear people say I photoshoped this or that, when asked about a great photo posted on ClikPals.

How to get the Perfect Setup of Cygwin

The power of a command line program like cygwin can not be underestimated. Command line programs enable you to perform tasks faster than you would when you are using a GUI. GUI is short for Graphical User Interface, for those who are still novices in the field of System Administration. A research from Stanford University states that when you perform 10 tasks on a GUI in a period of time, you can perform 50 tasks within the same period of time when using a command line interface. Now there are different technologies behind a command line interface. On Windows we have the legacy DOS Disk Operating System commands that allow you to run small programs that are called batches. On newer installments of Windows we have Power Shell and now that you are reading this you are planning to have a Linux command line interface running on Windows, cool ehh.

Lets get started, you will need to download the right Cygwin version for your specific OS and computer architecture. Cygwin is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture, so please confirm your computer architecture before we proceed. If you don’t know what I am talking about then you can stop here and go update your Facebook status or something. Or maybe tweet, because this article is beyond your scope of knowledge. Better still you can read more about computer architectures here.

Once, you have downloaded and run the right Cygwin for your computer you will be taken through an installation wizard, kind of like one of those you get when installing any other ordinary program on Windows. It is a wizard it will guide you through the process, duh.

Just click Next, Next, Next until you get to the screen shown below, stop – this is where the magic happens:

Cygwin Installer Step II

 The Perfect Cygwin Setup

Now when you get to this screen, we will search for the most important packages that make Cygwin powerful. In the perfect cygwin configuration, you will need the following:

  1. Install editors (vim, nano, emacs) depending on your flavour. I like nano better.
  2. Install help files (man). This will guide you when you don’t know something and no one is around to teach you. man are the help files and once you have Cygwin installed you can type nano –help to get more information on how to use nano or ssh –help if you want to connect to your remote server
  3. You will need filesytem commands (mvmkdirlscdrmln, etc.). You will probably want to move things around, create directories, get their file sizes and so on and so forth.
  4. Lastly, but not least you can type in the search box to find a package that you need for your specific operations, for instance if you want to work on audio files then you need to install the audio packages. Just type audio in the search box and you will see a list of all the audio packages available. You can then click on the circular thingy with the arrows to change the state from Default to Install as shown below.

 Cygwin Installer Step III

Remember Google is your friend and whenever you get stuck you can do a quick Google to find your way around or you can send me a comment below and I can help you out.

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Really advanced web applications – Things you need to know deploying your first web app Part 1

Web Application Code

They say that web applications are the wing of application development that is the most difficult, time consuming and demanding endeavors in the life of an applications programmer. Firstly, web applications are wider and require a lot of time managing, tweaking and developing their interconnected joints. What do we have? We have the programming language which falls in two server side and client side.

Client Side Programming

In client side programming languages we have contenders such as now

  1. HTML5
  2. Javascript
  3. CSS
  4. ActionScript

Server Side Programming

Server side programming languages are what make web applications tick. They provide the functionality, logic and work closely with the server. This is the stuff for big boys or rather grown men. Server side code is hidden from the eyes of the user and is processed in the back end so that the user can be able to do stuff  like, share what’s on your mind, updates, interests, places on ClikPals, or say what’s on your mind on Facebook. It just happens automagically without you realizing how much work has been done to put this experience in place. Server side the contenders are

  1. PHP – most popular of them all with over 244M sites running it.
  2. Server Side Javascript – Node.JS and the likes
  3. Java
  4. ASP stands for Active Server Pages
  5. Python – considered the easiest, is preferable to beginners
  6. Perl
  7. Ruby

Now you are encouraged to try to learn how to code, coz that is the future and everyone should be a programmer in one way or another. Programming is great in that it opens your mind, allows you to think in various dimensions at once and that is how a programming solution is solved.

Which programming language you wish to learn first is all up to you, but you should start at and then learn the very basics for you to have  a solid foundation in writing code. How to program, well that is out of the scope of this post, but you can find some very easy to follow instructions on how to learn and intuitive learning at code school.

Once you have built your web application you gear yourself to start monetizing it and if it is a start up application then your intention is to make it big. With big data comes more responsibility, you have to be sure that your application is running at top notch. Besides the optimal code practices you learn at code school, you need to ensure that your web application performs best at all times. That is where the responsibilities of a System Administrator come in, the server where your application is hosted must be maintained and kept running smoothly at all times. To help you do this there are various applications out there SaaS (Software as a Service) provide by other developers like you. We will talk about new relic here, what it is, its installation and I will also share a few screenshots of it in action.

New Relic – Server and Application Monitoring

Like I have mentioned that you will need to be on top of your game when dealing with really advanced web applications. You will need to know how much space has been utilized on your server, how much is left, how many core CPUs do you have and how much load is it dealing with at a specific time, is the mail server sending out and receiving mails as expected. How many processes are running on your server and are they the right processes or some clever fellow is piggy backing on your server using your resources to do some very nasty stuff like emailing all your ex-girlfriends all the way to pre-primary school or worse stealing your users account details like credit card information, when this happens it is not good for you at all. That is where New Relic comes in. New Relic is an internet company that offers performance management solution enabling developers to diagnose and fix application performance problems in real time. Signing Up with New Relic will give you access to tools that will allow to monitor your server and web application in real time.

Installing New Relic

Installation of New Relic is not a lengthy process and they also offer an installer script in case you do not want to go through all the trouble of setting repositories etc

1. Confirm your server specifications before you proceed, you need to know which operating system your server is using and which server side porgramming language your application runs on. Mine is PHP and I have a 64 bit CentOS dedicated server, meaning I can login through ssh and execute the following commands. If you do not have root access then you can stop and kiss this experience good bye or upgrade to some dedicated hosting now.

2. Now that I have figured the above details I will run the command to add the 64 bit new relic repo to my server

sudo rpm -Uvh

3. We will install the new relic agent using yum. If you don’t know what yum is then please stop.

sudo yum install newrelic-php5

4. We then run the new relic install and follow the instructions, if you have advanced knowledge in server management then this will be a walk in the park, otherwise it may prove to be a little difficult. However, if you have no idea what you are doing then you need to stop and get some professional help from us or any other experienced systems administrator, with a good knowledge of Linux Server, Windows Servers are another thing all together.

sudo newrelic-install install

5. When you sign up for new relic as you deploy the new relic agent you will be given a license code which you will include in your php.ini new relic configuration.
6. Once you are through with the installation you can now restart your services, i.e nginx, httpd. For me I am using Apache with the httpd web server and the command for this is:

service httpd restart

7. Wait for a few minutes and refresh your New Relic dashboard before the application can be able to start sending data.

Now we have fully set up our web application monitoring, lets move on to server monitoring. This is where I talked about monitoring your disk space usage, your CPU load e.t.c

Installing New Relic Server Monitoring

Being that we had already installed the web application monitoring, server monitoring will now be just a few commands away. We won’t need to set up the new relic repo again or go through the process of installing new relic again.

To install the new relic server monitoring agent we will go through the following steps.

1. Install the server monitor, run these commands as root

yum install newrelic-sysmond

2. Set new relic license key. The license key can be obtained from the New Relic dashboard once you login to their site.

nrsysmond-config --set license_key=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

3. Start nrsysmond. Execute the following command as root:

/etc/init.d/newrelic-sysmond start

Verify that a message indicates that nrsysmond has started successfully. Then your server statistics will start being reported from the Servers tab of your New Relic dashboard. Thats it for part one of this post, in part two I will be focusing on optimizing your application speed my installing caching technologies such as Pagespeed Module by Google. Please feel free to drop me your inquiries and suggestions about this post on the comments below.

The Evolution of Mobile Apps

Damn, I can install Ubuntu on my smartphone plug it in on my workstation at work and have a fully fledged PC. In as much as this is cool, that is not why I am here today. Yes I want to talk about smartphones but more about what they can do and continue to do in our everyday lives. Nowadays phones refitted are fitted with powerful processors that rival those in supercomputers found in Israeli military instalments. Our phones have so much memory and storage space that they can hold our entire lives; photos, videos, music, documents, more photos and so much more videos.


We as programmers have fully taken advantage of this, in fact we can toot our horns and stand proud because we have truly outdone ourselves. We have done well and as indicated by the simple formula below, where mobile devices sales is directly proportional to the number of mobile applications developers:




For instance if you take a look at a mobile applications such as WhatsApp, WhatsApp is basically a messaging application that is well endowed with some very impressive features like sending voice recorded messages at a tap, photo sharing, chatting and so much. WhatsApp is so good that it threatens the survival of Facebook as a platform. WhatsApp is built on a pretty private frame where you can only chat with the people you have on your phone directory, however on Facebook so long as someone can search you, they can access your information, Add you as a friend and talk to you. This has made WhatsApp favorable to teens in th US and other larger markets including Africa. Mobile statistics show that WhatsApp is gaining ground as the most popular mobile application and that is why WhatsApp Suddenly Looks Like A Huge Threat To Facebook.


Facebook actually can’t blame WhatsApp for anything, this change is revolutionary and it was bound to happen with or without Facebook. Mobile Apps are getting better by the day and developers and mobile manufacturing companies know this, that is why they are putting a lot of their time and money to invest in this market. Even Facebook has done this through its popular Facebook Home which makes makes your Android Lock Screen alive with status updates, notifications and more from Facebook.

Mobile Apps are so good conventional built in mobile utilities are becoming more and more irrelevant for instance if you compare the strengths of WhatsApp as a messaging app and the MMS and SMS built into your phone, WhatsApp beats both MMS and SMS tenfold by making messaging fun, simple and beautiful. You do not have restrictions that come with MMS when sending multimedia like photos and video, besides MMS and SMS are becoming way too expensive. I am sure I can share this blog on a Mobile Application such as Tumblr or on the fastest growing social business network ClikPals, faster and more easily with the mobile applications developed for these social networks and even more cheaply than MMS and SMS. This is the age we live in now, where we developers make your lives easier by making the mobile phone personal again.


At work with a beneficiary

At work with a beneficiary

I have been in this region for approximately 3 and half years…doing what I know best. Ensuring each beneficiary gets access to life saving information, bringing about effective community relations, partner/agency relations, internal relations, external relations and the list is endless. As time passes by I realize that am not only a professional but am totally and completely a woman and filled up to my eyeballs with motherhood. Not that it is something to be ashamed of, but it is something to appreciate and marvel at….the amount of pressure, challenges and many a disappointment coupled with the stigma of the woman I am. The weight seems unbearable. Then it comes to me that it is worth all the sweat and strain. The beautiful smiles from the children, women and men I serve is just amazing. The impact in their life….it makes me feel like a hero, the kind we see in action movies saving the world. Who said I had to have a six pack, combat skills, overwhelming knowledge of armor to commit acts of valor? In my own small way am gallant, chivalrous  to be precise and with this I change a life every day.

But then again, if am out there playing super hero what happens to my own family, my children? Who could pick up the heavy load of being their hero?…a question I find difficult to answer. What happens when it is coupled with philandering, cheating and lies? What next?…This is where I get extra strength…weird right?…Not only am I a woman but  mother with amazing children who keep me on toes to face another day. I am their mother, their hero and role model. I stand tall to give them an example of what life is all about. Finding happiness and joy from within and letting it flow out to those you love as well as your environs. When you have so much, it wouldn’t hurt to share a little. That’s why am happy to say am a professional with a little touch of motherhood and a pinch of womanhood to spice it up.

Its My Job

On several occasions when I look at what I do on a daily basis, what I accomplish at the end of the day, and the satisfaction I get, I smile broadly. The reason being that I had several challenges along the way before I got to shut the office door and call it a day. What fascinates me most is the different actions and reaction that I did when faced by the different challenges. Each action unique and the reaction would seem to give me some form of thrill. No one would easily envy what I do and my duty station but most definitely would admire the outcome.

I am an Information Officer in a humanitarian setup where credibility and earning community trust are vital to ensuring information passed or gathered is accurate and gets to the intended audience on time. Time being a major factor at the same time security working against you. What’s more the cultural diversity is a sight to behold but also one major huddle when communicating to the community. Still versatility and the trust the community has makes my job bearable.

Picture this; the community has its own interest which seems to contradict the information you are just about to pass. This is where quick negotiations have to be done with each party compromising a bit of their interest but accuracy is a luxury that cannot be compromised. This is called ‘hitting a snag’ but I call it my little bed of roses with a few thorns. A few agreements and disagreements and the deal is done.

Bearing the title information in a humanitarian setup is one major responsibility and requires a lot of patience and above all Solomon’s wisdom. I can only say I love my job.

3 Steps to The Kenyan Dream

3 Steps to The Kenyan Dream

3 Steps to The Kenyan Dream

Free laptops, yippee  but do Kenyans need free laptops. No offence, Uhuru Kenyatta. Infact, I would really appreciate a free laptop right now but more important things first. Kenya is fast advancing technologically but we need to look at the most important things, the most trivial things; the things that touch our day to day lives as ordinary Kenyan citizens.

Kenya has the potential to change for the better to develop and put on the big shoes it was meant to put on ever since Independence it has been a good 40 years and so far the leadership has always been wanting. Starting from the times of the First President of Kenya The Late Jomo Kenyatta and his Vice President The Late Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. It has been 40 years since and we are yet to see a country where the citizens do not luck the most basic and essential needs, free laptops sure but we must first live before we can even think of using the laptop, to live we must eat, drink, we must have a habitat and dress well.

1. Common Sense

The other day we were walking around our estate with my good friend Frank and throughout the estate there is evidence of tarmac roads that were put in place by the colonial government. Even though this tarmac was cheap but its quality cannot be questioned if it can live 50 years later for us to be able to see it. Can you say this for the tarmac roads that were constructed a few years ago. A typical example is Eastleigh in Nairobi, the roads are pathetic and yet it is a Trade center.

In several places in Kenya you will find that water the most essential need cannot be found in hospitals let alone homes. How do you expect to provide good health care if you cannot assure Kenyans of clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. North Eastern Kenya is plagued by cattle rustling and has been abandoned left for dead. You would wonder if they are part of our country Kenya. Is Kenya a Republic with a Police Force and a Military? Speaking of the former, it is just unfortunate for police officers to be gunned down in cold blood in Baragoi. My condolences to the families of the affected.

2. Brain and Train, Drain.

Kenya is home to the most intellectual, athletic and talented individuals all over the world. Our athletes shine everyday in international sports, starting from athletics, rugby, football, swimming, cricket and so much more, yet our educational system is like a drill where you we focus only on academics. Our strength not only lies in our academic prowess but also in the skills, talent and sportsmanship of our people. We have the potential to rise high, if this human resource is not capitalized on then we loose our own to places with better opportunities, greener pastures.

3. Bad Politics

I must admit that I don’t know much about politics but it does not take a genius to know that Kenyan politics is just bad. It preaches tribalism, hatred and so on and so forth. We abuse politics and spend so much focusing on the negative things that bring us down every day, ever since. Look at Kenya’s history with politics, from Independence. Our forefathers were selfish they put in place laws that denied us democracy, case in study the 1982 attempted coup. In 1992, clashes based on ethnic lines; my family and I had to move from Kericho to my current place of residence. Our tribal traits are so deeply rooted that we were blind, unable to see the obvious: that the only way to end a tyranny of dictatorship is to unite like we did in 2002 when we said “Kibaki Tosha”. 2007, was the saddest of all Kenyan political events, thousands died and hundreds lost homes when brother rose against brother. So many Kenyans to date do not have homes. Don’t you think that it is time for us to grow up and be human and most importantly Kenyan. Yes, competition is healthy but where it is vital for us to come together as one, lets mimic our national anthem and pray for our great nation.


Effects of Bad Politics

Effects of Bad Politics

Our leaders should put the bad politics aside and focus on putting Kenya in its rightful position at the top. It can be done. No more kitendawilis, no offence Raila Odinga, but more infrastructural development, even distribution of resources, investments and economic growth. Make it your norm to shun corruption, greed, tribalism, hatred and stand united irrespective of your political affiliation. This goes to all Kenyans.


The Kenyan Dream

Kenya is country that is strategically placed for ultimate greatness. What do we lack? We are a very wealthy nation and that is why we have several eyes on us globally. Ask yourself, why do these powerful nations in the West look at Kenya with prying eyes? If they are so powerful then why do they need Kenya? Simply put, it is because of the beautiful people of Kenya. Kenya is a very welcoming country, its peaceful, its people are kind, its people are loving, its people are friendly and most importantly its people are united. The strength we draw from our unity know no bound and catapults Kenya so far ahead. Our wealth is not only in the natural resources we have but most significantly in the people of Kenya.

I would like to wake up in the morning, take breakfast which is comprised of Milk from Yegons farm, Tea from Chelangats farm in Kericho, or maybe Coffee from Mwangi’s farm in Kirimiri – Thika, some eggs from Wanjalas poultry farm in Kakamega, Bread made with wheat from Narok spread with Honey from Machakos, Mango Juice made with those giant mangoes from the Coast Province. Hug and kiss my wife good bye and drive our four children to school on a pothole free road. At school, I leave my children in the care of Mrs. Onyango. Later in the month I drive to Dr. Patel at the County Hospital for a medical check up, with no worries of my insurance or lack of equipment at the hospital. I pass by Njunguna’s shop along Oginga Odinga Street for some building materials to complete my home. My wife calls by Fatuma’s shop for some matching kitenge for my family for the weekend out.

The Kenyan Dream is every Kenyan’s dream for peace, prosperity and plenty within our borders. One nation under God, with wealth and riches for all.

Gearing up for HTML 5

HTML5 Logo Black

HTML5 Logo Black

Web Browsers and Mobile Browsers developers are in the state of improving or upgrading their Internet browsing products to be able to handle HTML 5. The language of the World Wide Web HTML was originally created in 1990 and has been under constant development with improvements in standards and technology. You might be wondering what is this HTML5 and why is it special?

P/S: You can click on the HTML5 Logo to get information on how to place it on your HTML5 Websites. Standardize and change the web forever.


What is HTML5?

In simple terms HTML5 is the latest standard for HTML5 its predecessors was HTML 4.0.1 and XHTML 1.1.  The previous HTML standards have simplified the web and are quite easy to implement even if you are a newbie. The aims of HTML5 were to improve on this and make the web more interactive by supporting the latest multimedia, but essentially remaining simple, easy to read by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers etc.).
Technologies that made the web interactive include Adobe’s Flash and Microsoft’s Silverlight. However these technologies require a high level of programming skill and creativity which is not the essence of HTML let alone HTML5.

Why HTML5?

Web Developers have foreknown HTML5 for years, but when Apple Inc dropped the use of Adobe’s Flash Technology in its latest devices (including the iPhone 4th generation and the launch of the Apple iPad) it has become a major topic.  Apple Inc‘s CEO Steve Jobs issued a public letter titled “Thoughts on Flash” where he concludes that with the development of HTML5, Adobe Flash is no longer necessary to watch video or consume any kind of web content. This sparked a debate in web development circles where some suggested that while HTML5 provides enhanced functionality developers must consider the varying browser support of the different parts of the standard as well as other functionality differences between HTML5 and Flash.

Well this is not the gist of this post, it will be an entirely new debate if I get into it now. What I am talking about is the Gearing up for HTML5 and in this effort different Web Browser and Mobile Browsers have upgraded or enhanced their products to support HTML. In my recent post,  Firefox 4.o  no longer Beta I blabbered about Firefox finally releasing version 4.0 without the beta clause; meaning that it is no longer under testing and can be assumed to work efficiently and bug free.

With all the controversies on HTML5 browsers on the top of the list are adapting to make browsing HTML5 smooth, Firefox 4.0 has launched a demos website where you can test out the most advanced HTML semantics which include HTML5 Games, Videos and so on and so forth, this website is dubbed Mozilla O’ Wonder where the O stands for Open. I don’t have to get to what Open means in the developer world. In Steve Jobs “Thoughts on Flash” he recognizes the power of Open Source and its future in the World Wide Web. In my post series Mobile Browsers Part 1, 2, 3, I talk about the technology behind them and I mentioned the power of the WebKit engine which is an open source initiative created by Apple to power Web Browsers. WebKit powers Apples Safari and has been widely adopted by various companies, including Google which uses it in the Android Platform.

What does HTML5 mean to Web Designers and Developers?

Web designers and developers have been very flexible when dealing with the compatibility of Web standards by coming up with tweaks to ensure that the output is the same on all fronts irrespective of the underlying machine or device platform. I am talking systems: operating systems, browsing systems and the compatibility of a specific web application or simply web page on all these platforms. The key is standardization which browsers have failed to optimally implement, the leading being Internet Explorer with incompatibility issues with web standards including HTML, CSS etc. Internet Explorer launched IE9 with an Accelerated Graphics option which might be helpful when browsing full HTML5 pages but it all still comes down to standardization. In as much as we, web developers come up with tweaks to bypass or ensure that our products are cross platform compatible or in this case cross browser compatible then Web Browser Developers need to ensure that their Browsers fully conform to the set Web Standards.
Otherwise, I see us coming up with more tweaks to adapt to the situation and with support from Giant Computer Companies like Apple and Microsoft we can standardize the web and have a level platform. However, it is business and Apple and Microsoft might not come together to come up with a more standardized platform “Operating System, Browsing System” let alone the Open Source world.

So for now web developers can continue tackling the web as it is. To learn more about HTML5 check out the following sites:

  1. W3C HTML5 Overview
  2. Dive into HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim
  3. HTML5 Rocks

Have you tried out Google plus 1?

Have you tried out Google plus 1?

As Google continues its war in battling spam as evident in its Search Engine Algorithm Update that rendered websites based on Content Farms plummet from the top ranking they have launched Google plus 1. The Search Engine Algorithm Update is most known as the Farmer Update.

What is Google +1?

Google +1 is basically an effort by Google to fight out spam on the search engines by displaying only relevant websites to your friends if you are using any Google Services. Currently Google +1 is still in its experimental stages and there is no information on how this will affect page rankings, but I would worry though, if your website is no spam and delivers good relevant content then even if there is an update to the Google Search Engine Algorithms to include this then you should be safe.

Google +1 is already showing on alongside search results and ads in English and will soon be available in all other Google Products across the web. You can try out Google +1 by opting in to Google +1 is still in experimental stages by clicking the link above.

How does Google +1 work?

To me I’d say that it is nothing much different from Tweeting, or giving a thumbs up on Stumble Upon or liking in Facebook or just simply Digging a favorite web page to your friends through these social bookmarking websites. The +1 button is a new, quick way in Google search to say “this is something worthy and you should check it out.” By clicking on the +1 button you are publicly giving a search result or an ad your stamp of approval, sharing your recommendation with your friends and contacts so they’ll find it right when they want it.

Unlimited Web Hosting for as low as $3.96 with Hostgator

As a web designer or web developer you know the importance of a web host. Advanced web masters maintain and employ their own hosting solutions. However, this might not be the best approach because of the following reasons:

  1. Maintaining a web host server in the long run will be expensive
  2. To avoid all the headaches of a System Administrator: the  web host server system must be maintained regularly to ensure security, optimal performance and not to mention the regular backups.
  3. To run a five star web host service you need to have a back up system not only for your clients data but for the power systems powering the server so that they don’t go down in case of a power black out or power surge.
  4. All this is just a lot of headache and yet you still have to worry about the 10000 lines of code you have write before the end of the day.
  5. For regular users: you probably lack the expertise to run and maintain a web host server. Besides, if it is just as hard for professional web masters then what will be the case for someone who is a complete newbie and does not know how to go around this.

That is why I will advice you to click the link below to get the best handle your web hosting woes. Hostgator is an award winning web host and one the biggest web hosting companies in the world.

Click here to get Web Hosting as a Service from Hostgator.

Being a web designer and developer, I have had a wide experience with different web host service providers and most of them have not been pleasant until I met Hostgator. Hostgator provides the best web hosting services on the planet and has won awards and has had great reviews written about the quality of service they provide.

So if you are looking to Start your Website and get an online Presence then you firstly need to get Web Hosting from Hostgator and contact me at SNETTSCOM to get your web site developed. I will get you through the reasons why you should get your hosting from Hostgator:

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  2. 99.9% Server Up time Guaranteed: What this means that with the Hostgator Web Hosting Service we guarantee that the Hostgator Server will always be operating optimally 24/7 – 365 days in  a year. This means that you website will never go down or slow down even if Hostgator Data Centres are hit by a rocket in the worst case scenario.
  3. Web Hosting Services with Hostgator come with Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth: The sky is no longer the limit if your potential surpasses our stratosphere then we are able to handle the pressure with ease. Sign up now for a Hostgator Account and prepare for a Limitless Online Lifestyle.
  4. 4,500 Free Website Templates: now this is a wide range to choose from with the Free Site Builder offered by Hostgator you probably won’t need to hire a web designer or developer.
  5. $100 Google Adwords Credit: Once you have your website up and running you need to market it by advertising on Google. This will get you a lot of traffic in no time.
  6. Now if you get stuck any, there is 24 hour 7 days a week Technical Support year in year out. I mean with Hostgator there is 24-7/365 Technical Support.
  7. Hostgator has made Web Hosting EASY and AFFORDABLE, with 1 Click Script Installs and a very EASY Control Panel to work with.

This is a great offer, that you will find nowhere else. Just click on the links below and if you comment on this post I will send you a coupon code to get you 20% OFF on any of these offers. So hurry and comment way.

  1. Limited Special Offer

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  3. WordPress Hosting

  4. Joomla Hosting

  5. Drupal Hosting

  6. Magento Hosting

  7. phpBB Hosting

Firefox 4.0 no longer Beta

SnettsBlog as displayed on Firefox 4.0

SnettsBlog as displayed on Firefox 4.0

Firefox my favorite browser has finally released the Firefox 4.0 without the beta aspect. Firefox 4.0 has been beta for a while now and we have been using it to test its performance and improvements. The last version of Firefox 4.0 before it was released without the beta status is Firefox 3.6.17.

During the testing period of the Firefox 4.0 beta version I didn’t notice any significant mishaps or bugs. However, I have just installed Firefox 4.0 and the speed and performance are pretty okay. The interface is great but kinda cliche because we have seen the slightly rounded tab corners in the Google Chrome browser and Opera. The greenish cycling effect for the data transferring processing is nice.

I don’t want to say much about the browser now let me give it some time to stew, then I will get back to you with a more technical review on its performance as compared to its predecessors.


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