3 Steps to The Kenyan Dream


Realizing the Kenyan Dream – 3 Steps to the Kenyan Dream

Free laptops, yippee  but do Kenyans need free laptops. No offence, Uhuru Kenyatta. Infact, I would really appreciate a free laptop right now but more important things first. Kenya is fast advancing technologically but we need to look at the most important things, the most trivial things; the things that touch our day to day lives as ordinary Kenyan citizens.

Kenya has the potential to change for the better to develop and put on the big shoes it was meant to put on ever since Independence it has been a good 40 years and so far the leadership has always been wanting. Starting from the times of the First President of Kenya The Late Jomo Kenyatta and his Vice President The Late Mzee Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. It has been 40 years since and we are yet to see a country where the citizens do not luck the most basic and essential needs, free laptops sure but we must first live before we can even think of using the laptop, to live we must eat, drink, we must have a habitat and dress well.

1. Common Sense

The other day we were walking around our estate with my good friend Frank and throughout the estate there is evidence of tarmac roads that were put in place by the colonial government. Even though this tarmac was cheap but its quality cannot be questioned if it can live 50 years later for us to be able to see it. Can you say this for the tarmac roads that were constructed a few years ago. A typical example is Eastleigh in Nairobi, the roads are pathetic and yet it is a Trade center.

In several places in Kenya you will find that water the most essential need cannot be found in hospitals let alone homes. How do you expect to provide good health care if you cannot assure Kenyans of clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. North Eastern Kenya is plagued by cattle rustling and has been abandoned left for dead. You would wonder if they are part of our country Kenya. Is Kenya a Republic with a Police Force and a Military? Speaking of the former, it is just unfortunate for police officers to be gunned down in cold blood in Baragoi. My condolences to the families of the affected.

2. Brain and Train, Drain.

Kenya is home to the most intellectual, athletic and talented individuals all over the world. Our athletes shine everyday in international sports, starting from athletics, rugby, football, swimming, cricket and so much more, yet our educational system is like a drill where you we focus only on academics. Our strength not only lies in our academic prowess but also in the skills, talent and sportsmanship of our people. We have the potential to rise high, if this human resource is not capitalized on then we loose our own to places with better opportunities, greener pastures.

3. Bad Politics

I must admit that I don’t know much about politics but it does not take a genius to know that Kenyan politics is just bad. It preaches tribalism, hatred and so on and so forth. We abuse politics and spend so much focusing on the negative things that bring us down every day, ever since. Look at Kenya’s history with politics, from Independence. Our forefathers were selfish they put in place laws that denied us democracy, case in study the 1982 attempted coup. In 1992, clashes based on ethnic lines; my family and I had to move from Kericho to my current place of residence. Our tribal traits are so deeply rooted that we were blind, unable to see the obvious: that the only way to end a tyranny of dictatorship is to unite like we did in 2002 when we said “Kibaki Tosha”. 2007, was the saddest of all Kenyan political events, thousands died and hundreds lost homes when brother rose against brother. So many Kenyans to date do not have homes. Don’t you think that it is time for us to grow up and be human and most importantly Kenyan. Yes, competition is healthy but where it is vital for us to come together as one, lets mimic our national anthem and pray for our great nation.

Bad Politics Kenya

Our leaders should put the bad politics aside and focus on putting Kenya in its rightful position at the top. It can be done. No more kitendawilis, no offence Raila Odinga, but more infrastructural development, even distribution of resources, investments and economic growth. Make it your norm to shun corruption, greed, tribalism, hatred and stand united irrespective of your political affiliation. This goes to all Kenyans.

The Kenyan Dream

Kenya is country that is strategically placed for ultimate greatness. What do we lack? We are a very wealthy nation and that is why we have several eyes on us globally. Ask yourself, why do these powerful nations in the West look at Kenya with prying eyes? If they are so powerful then why do they need Kenya? Simply put, it is because of the beautiful people of Kenya. Kenya is a very welcoming country, its peaceful, its people are kind, its people are loving, its people are friendly and most importantly its people are united. The strength we draw from our unity know no bound and catapults Kenya so far ahead. Our wealth is not only in the natural resources we have but most significantly in the people of Kenya.

I would like to wake up in the morning, take breakfast which is comprised of Milk from Yegons farm, Tea from Chelangats farm in Kericho, or maybe Coffee from Mwangi’s farm in Kirimiri – Thika, some eggs from Wanjalas poultry farm in Kakamega, Bread made with wheat from Narok spread with Honey from Machakos, Mango Juice made with those giant mangoes from the Coast Province. Hug and kiss my wife good bye and drive our four children to school on a pothole free road. At school, I leave my children in the care of Mrs. Onyango. Later in the month I drive to Dr. Patel at the County Hospital for a medical check up, with no worries of my insurance or lack of equipment at the hospital. I pass by Njunguna’s shop along Oginga Odinga Street for some building materials to complete my home. My wife calls by Fatuma’s shop for some matching kitenge for my family for the weekend out.

The Kenyan Dream is every Kenyan’s dream for peace, prosperity and plenty within our borders. One nation under God, with wealth and riches for all. This is my Kenyan Dream, what is yours?

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