A Professional I May be but am Still a Mother and a Woman

A Professional I May be but am Still a Mother and a Woman

I have been in this region for approximately 3 and half years…doing what I know best. Ensuring each beneficiary gets access to life-saving information, bringing about effective community relations, partner/agency relations, internal relations, external relations and the list is endless.

As time passes by I realize that am not only a professional but am totally and completely a woman and filled up to my eyeballs with motherhood. Not that it is something to be ashamed of, but it is something to appreciate and marvel at…the amount of pressure, challenges and many a disappointment coupled with the stigma of the woman I am. The weight seems unbearable. Then it comes to me that it is worth all the sweat and strain.

The beautiful smiles from the children, women and men I serve is just amazing. The impact in their life…it makes me feel like a hero, the kind we see in action movies saving the world. Who said I had to have a six-pack, combat skills, overwhelming knowledge of armor to commit acts of valor? In my own small way am gallant, chivalrous to be precise and with this, I change a life every day.

But then again, if am out there playing superhero what happens to my own family, my children? Who could pick up the heavy load of being their hero?…a question I find difficult to answer. What happens when it is coupled with philandering, cheating and lies? What next?… This is where I get extra strength…weird right?

Not only am I a woman but mother with amazing children who keep me on toes to face another day. I am their mother, their hero and role model. I stand tall to give them an example of what life is all about. Finding happiness and joy from within and letting it flow out to those you love as well as your environs.

When you have so much, it wouldn’t hurt to share a little. That’s why am happy to say am a professional with a little touch of motherhood and a pinch of womanhood to spice it up.

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