Displaying tweets on your site

This is just a short post to help you display tweets on your site. This works as follows with the help of a hack by Robin Sloan.  This after the announcement of media.twitter.com by Twitter. Media Twitter aims at providing “Knowledge and tools to help you use Twitter to transform media, entertainment, and journalism”.

Reading through the site I stumbled upon an article “Fresh-baked tweets for your posts“, a “hack” by Robin Sloan which enables you easily integrate your tweets into your website. To do this simply follow the instructions that follow:

  1. Visit http://media.twitter.com/blackbird-pie/
  2. Enter the URL of the tweet you wish to emded (e.g. http://twitter.com/snettscom/status/13474938947) and click “Bake It”
  3. Copy and paste the resulting code into your web site

This is how it looks

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Please note that this is still a hack and not yet a “feature” since it is still in its experimental stages, however the implementation is easy and the results are pretty amazing and with further coding the script can work to have you embed real-time tweets on your web pages.

So, in the meantime you can drop a comment whether you like it or plan to use it.

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