How to Stay Organized with Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs

Browser wars have always been a favourite topic here at SNETTSCOM ever since we wrote about Firefox Browser Personas back then when theming your Browser was cool. Firefox Browser Persona’s enabled you to install a personalized theme based on your current mood, holiday season, brand preferences and more. But that was way back then, now Browsers come with themes out of the box and so much more.

This post is about browsers, specifically Microsoft Edge. Microsoft finally shifting to a Chromium-based browser is no news. They eventually had to, so that they can provide users with the best experience and performance something that Google Chrome had been doing for a while now eating up the largest chunk of Browser market share even though Microsoft Windows Operating System comes with Microsofts browsers Internet Explorer and now Edge. Most people just use Internet Explorer to download Chrome and forget about it.

Even though, browsers evolve super fast its unfortunate that some government and even private systems still rely on the good old Internet Explorer, for instance when applying for a Safaricom M-PESA SSL certificate you are required to use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode to be able to get through the application – story for another day, but my friend Peter Njeru has an elaborate guide on M-PESA Portal Certificates.

Getting to the gist of this post, Microsoft Edge now has Vertical Tabs which come in handy to help you organize your tabs better. The vertical tabs are an old concept that we first saw on the Opera browsers specifically Opera GX – a browser Opera designed for gamers.

The Vertical Tabs on Microsoft Edge can be activated/deactivated by a dedicated button that appears as the first tab on the browser as indicated below.


Once activated you can hover the favicon icons of the various sites you have open on the tabs.

However, if you have multiple tabs from the same website then the slide-out menu comes in handy where you can see the title of the tab and can also pin this menu such that you are always able to see the full title of the tabs.

You can check out our video where we play around with Microsoft Edge’s new Vertical Tabs. Please do not forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and if you liked this video, please tell us in the comments below the kind of videos you would like us to create.


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