Lenovos plethora for Windows 7

Lenovo on Monday launched its plethora of visually attractive Windows 7 powered computers. The IdeaPad laptops and IdeaCentre desktops are a great new front on power and beauty and this time Lenovo has clearly stepped up their visual appearance.

Lenovo has also put up a Windows 7 upgrade program that will make it easy for users to migrate from their old Vista powered systems.

Today is the last day of the seven day deal that puts up the Lenovo IdeaPad Laptops on offer which also includes free shipping.

The IdeaPad U and Y series and also the IdeaCenter A600, the older ThinkPad and ThinkCentre also have Enhanced Experience certification which is the result of an unprecedented partnership with Microsoft that maximizes the potential of Windows 7. The following are just some of the features of EE certified PCs:


Enhanced Experience consumer PCs boot up to 33% faster and shut down up to 50% faster than non-optimized PCs — all while loading critical security features like anti-virus software.


Experience rich entertainment and graphics features:

  • High Definition graphics support for super-smooth playback of high-def video content.
  • DirectX® 10 for realistic graphic in games and running the Windows® 7 Aero Peek interface.
  • Enhanced digital audio for a totally immersive multimedia experience.


Experience peace of mind with intuitive, integrated tools that make it easy to use and maintain your PC. Quickly backup, recover, scan and repair your PC with the simple touch of a button.

In todays deal the IdeaPad Y550 boasts of a t6500 Duo Core processor, 4GB memory, 320GB HDD, nVidia GeForce G 120 512MB graphics. In addition these features can be customized to yor liking before purchase.

For notebooks comes the ultraportable 11.6-inch IdeaPad U150, the 15.6-inch U550 and the performance-focused 15.6-inch IdeaPad Y550P.

Check out this ZDNet Image Gallery of Lenovo’s new Windows 7 showcase.

The most powerful portable is the IdeaPad Y550P which offers the new Intel Core i7 processors. The graphics are supercharged by nVidia Graphics technology and the 15.6 inches HD widescreen display. For audio the Dolby Home Theater surround sound, and the “SlideNav” touch-sensitive bar above the keyboard just makes this laptop the best of its series. The IdeaPad Y550P will soon be available for $1,149

Ultraportability was a focus in Lenovo’s new Windows 7 laptops. The IdeaPad U150 is built for portability. It comes with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, memory upgrade support upto 8GB DDR3, 11.6 inches HD widescreen display and Lenovo’s Active Protection System for hard disk drive shock protection. This portable is also EE certified meaning it comes with OneKey Rescue System for faster data backups and antivirus scans. All these packaged in a 3lbs weight limit. It will be available soon for $585.

If you are one who juggles work between your place of residence and your workplace then the IdeaPad U550 is for you. It is an ultraportable that is 0.94 in. thick and sports a 15.6-inch wide HD widescreen display, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, switchable discrete graphics, Dolby Sound Room surround sound, ambient light sensor, DVD drive, integrated fingerprint reader and VeriFace facial recognition software. All for just $650.

On the IdeaCentre desktop side comes the B500, K300 and H230.

B500 is an all-round performance computer. It is high performing and also entertainment-minded. It features an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, discrete graphics, up to 8GB DDR3 memory and 1TB HDD storage, a 23-inch full HD screen, JBL integrated speakers and a 4-in-1 remote control that acts as a motion-drive games controller, VOIP handset, air mouse and media remote. It will be available for $649.

With the B500 as the IdeaCentre heavy weight contender, the K300 comes in at middle weight with an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, RAID configured hard drives and a power control switch to adjust how green your system will run. Available at $499.

Finally, comes the H230 which Lenovo says will be offered “with a range of HDD and DDR3 memory configurations”. It starts at $449 which is a good price for a Desktop system of good value.

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