Mobile Browsers Part 3 | An overview on mobile browsers

Following my previous posts on Mobile Browsers and Mobile Browsers Part 2 | User Installable Browsers this is a summarized overview on all the mobile browsers covered. The following table show cases the browser platform, browser engine, navigation and its features.

Browser/platform Webkit engine Smart zoom Proxied Navigation
Safari Yes Yes No Multi-touch
Android Browser Yes Yes No Multiple depending  on device
Symbian/S60 Yes Yes No Cursor depending on device

Touch depending on device

Nokia Series 40 No <= 5th edition

Yes>= 6th edition

No No (expected in future releases) Focus
WebOS Yes Yes No Touch
BlackBerry No <= 5.0

Yes>= 6.0

Yes depending on device Yes/No  depending on connection method Cursor

Touch depending on device

NetFront No No No Focus depending on device
Openwave (Myriad) No (yes in the future) No No Focus
Internet Explorer No No < 6.5

Yes >= 6.5

No Focus

Touch depending on device

Obigo/Teleca No Yes >= Q7 No Multiple depending on device
Motorola Internet Browser No No No Focus
Opera Mobile No Yes Yes/No depending on usage of Opera Turbo as proxy Focus
Opera Mini No Yes Yes Cursor

Touch depending on device

Bada browser Yes Yes No Touch
MicroB for Maemo No (Gecko) Yes No Multiple
Firefox No (Gecko) Yes No Multiple
UC Browser No Yes Yes Multiple

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