Avira – the new frontier in Virus warfare

Avira Antivir is growing through the ranks as a popular Antivirus Scan Engine that offers pretty good security for your computers. Personally I use this Antivirus software and its performance so far is outstanding. There is always to sides to a blade and for Avira Antivir, despite its ability to keep your system safe from viruses, trojans, malware and any other insecurity issues it doesn’t compromise with these vermins and therefore if your removable drive is infected, the infection will either be deleted or moved to quarantine where the virus files can be uploaded to Avira for analysis.

Currently there is Avira Antivir Personal Edition which can be downloaded for free from the Avira downloads page. An impressive security bundle is the Antivir NetGate bundle which contains all the necessary install files to protect your PC, Filels Mail and Proxy Server. The Avira Network Bundle comes with Avira Antivir Professional for your Desktop protection, Avira Antivir Server for the protection of your file server and Avira Antivir SMC which is a time saving, network wide security management. If you purchase these products you will receive a cross platform license for Windows and Unix/Linux which will enable you download free updates and upgrades during the entire license term. To wrap it up there is also a 14 day installation and configuration support through e-mail and telephone in case you have any trouble implementing this system security utility. The other benefits of the Network Bundle is that it helps the Systems Administrator easily manage your entire system from a central location.

With the new release of Avira Antivir 9 there have been posts on the internet by Avira users that they were encountering update problems. They stated that the Avira Update process would hang causing permanent failure which would break the update capability of the Antivirus Software. In my opinion this was an attempt by malicious programmers to compromise the stability of Avira Antivir but failed. A quick work around would be to update the antivirus manually and after the manual update the online update process will continue to work as normal. I know users are eager to immediately migrate to the new AV9 however Avira said on its website that it would continue to provide updates of the engine, the detection sample database and the program through to 31st March 2010 and users can make a decision to migrate within the next four months.

You might be wondering why you need to migrate. Migration is necessary when the basic structure of the program has changed to such an extent that they are no longer consistent with the structures of the prior version and it is not possible to take over these old structures to the new version. So if you are an Avira user you are already experiencing the potential of Antivir to thwart malicious programs.

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