Facebook Page Layouts

Now that the festive mood is about to engulf us, we are looking to find ways to change the way we celebrate every year – for some maybe not. You would prefer to do it the way you always do or like your tradition dictates.

Social Networks have mastered the art of getting people together and on this note I want to put some excitement on peoples minds and just kindle some fun. Most of you are still working but I know that you never miss an opportunity to access your favorite social network be it Facebook or Twitter.

So if you like Facebook then this post will get you into the festive mood in a fun and exciting way. To do this we are going to change your facebook background to whatever that suits you in this case we are going to change your background to some nice Christmas Trees, Bells, Lighting and Snow background that will make your Facebook Account the perfect Christmas setting. You can take a look at the Facebook Account below:

Facebook Page Layout

Facebook Page with the background changed (Click to view a larger image)

So how does this work – all this is made possible through PageRage.com. PageRage is the leading provider of Free Facebook layouts, which allows you to apply a skin to the background of your profile! What you need to do is download PageRage from the PageRage website. Once you have accessed the PageRage website download and install the free plug-in, after installation, you will then need to sign up for a PageRage user account in order to choose from the plethora of layouts or if you are an advanced user you can create your own layout stromectol koupit.

You might be wondering how PagerRage makes this happen, well the plug-in you have just downloaded and installed creates virtual layers that can be edited to create the appearance of having made changes to the underlying website. The actual layouts appear in the user’s web browser and have no direct effect on the Facebook profile underneath. Those who have PageRage installed can see other users’ layouts, those who don’t have PageRage installed cannot. Only those who choose to install the free PageRage Plug-in can see the PageRage effects.

This tool allows users to create Facebook layouts completely customized to all of their favorite colors, bands or singers, movies, TV shows and more.

Experience your social Christmas a lot different by installing this plug-in and sharing the experience with your friends. Remember in order to see each others souped up profile pages then you both need to install the plug-in and sign up for an account with PageRage. Only users who have installed the plug-in can see the PageRage Facebook Page Layout effects. If you have any comments you can post them below. Otherwise you all have a wonderful Festive Season.

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