Firefox 4.0 no longer Beta

SnettsBlog as displayed on Firefox 4.0

SnettsBlog as displayed on Firefox 4.0

Firefox my favorite browser has finally released the Firefox 4.0 without the beta aspect. Firefox 4.0 has been beta for a while now and we have been using it to test its performance and improvements. The last version of Firefox 4.0 before it was released without the beta status is Firefox 3.6.17.

During the testing period of the Firefox 4.0 beta version I didn’t notice any significant mishaps or bugs. However, I have just installed Firefox 4.0 and the speed and performance are pretty okay. The interface is great but kinda cliche because we have seen the slightly rounded tab corners in the Google Chrome browser and Opera. The greenish cycling effect for the data transferring processing is nice.

I don’t want to say much about the browser now let me give it some time to stew, then I will get back to you with a more technical review on its performance as compared to its predecessors.

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