Google goes Tablet

In the wake of the Apple iPad, giant search engine Google has its own user interface for the Tablet project they are working on. Actually Google posted these designs two days before the iPad was launched. Various other entities in the technology realms have their own UIs for possible future tablet PCs. To stand out from the crowd Google should put a time line on the development of their Tablet PC. With the criticism on the capability of the Apple iPad, Google should take advantage and blow technology enthusiasts away. On the Chromium Projects website are the visual designs of the Tablet which are subject to change. On the chromium projects website there is also a video attachment of the Google Tablet PC concept.

The following are visual explorations of how a Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware. Some of the possibilities they explore include:

  • Keyboard interaction with the screen: anchored, split, attached to focus kamagra en españa.
  • Launchers as an overlay, providing touch or search as means to access web sites.
  • Contextual actions triggered via dwell.
  • Zooming UI for multiple tabs
  • Tabs presented along the side of the screen.
  • Creating multiple browsers on screen using a launcher

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