Have you tried out Google plus 1?

Have you tried out Google plus 1?

As Google continues its war in battling spam as evident in its Search Engine Algorithm Update that rendered websites based on Content Farms plummet from the top ranking they have launched Google plus 1. The Search Engine Algorithm Update is most known as the Farmer Update.

What is Google +1?

Google +1 is basically an effort by Google to fight out spam on the search engines by displaying only relevant websites to your friends if you are using any Google Services. Currently Google +1 is still in its experimental stages and there is no information on how this will affect page rankings, but I would worry though, if your website is no spam and delivers good relevant content then even if there is an update to the Google Search Engine Algorithms to include this then you should be safe.

Google +1 is already showing on www.google.com alongside search results and ads in English and will soon be available in all other Google Products across the web. You can try out Google +1 by opting in to Google +1 is still in experimental stages by clicking the link above.

How does Google +1 work?

To me I’d say that it is nothing much different from Tweeting, or giving a thumbs up on Stumble Upon or liking in Facebook or just simply Digging a favorite web page to your friends through these social bookmarking websites. The +1 button is a new, quick way in Google search to say “this is something worthy and you should check it out.” By clicking on the +1 button you are publicly giving a search result or an ad your stamp of approval, sharing your recommendation with your friends and contacts so they’ll find it right when they want it.

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