Investing in websites for market visibility

The info tech revolution is currently sweeping across the world at very fast pace. New and newer technologies are embraced and implemented daily. For instance cloud computing – technologies that will enable corporates implement secure, faster and cheaper data solutions by setting up cloud storage. Cloud storage reduces the cost of setting up very high tech expensive storage equipment by allowing users to manage dynamically scalable virtualized resources provided as a service over the Internet. One does not need to have knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure in the “cloud” that supports them. A cloud computing user does not generally own the hardware setup serving the software platform but they can avoid capital expenditure by renting usage from a third-party provider. They only pay for the resources they consume on the cloud setup and need not worry about the maintainence costs, electrical energy or technical support needed to implement this technology

Before this, dissemination of information various products was a daunting task. Press media advertisement was so expensive that very few organizations could afford to access their ad platforms, but thanks to information technology for as low as $240, just under 12 hours, a business can have a 24-7 contact with their clients world wide, thanks to digital media.

Having a website, has come part of running a successful business endeavor. Placing your business online now is like having your company profile in the yellow pages or other business directories back then. Web technology has span so far and wide that even these directories exist on the information superhighway and are great places to promote your website. A one line sentence on how to promote your website would be – Get a website, index the website on popular search engines and web directories, perform SEO on the website and sit and watch as your business harnesses the potential of digital media in marketing.

Websites give customers a detailed description of your company, its products as well as serve as a brochure to advertise your products on a global scope. Several firms use websites as a primary face in the market and being without one is unfair to you and your business because you are probably competing for a market share with a rival who maybe has already embraced web tech as a marketing platform. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO – a service provided by among other different organizations, a client can easily find your website and all the product information it showcases. SEO enables entrepreneurs to build and maintain a dynamic presence on the internet through their websites. With proper search engine optimization one can easily dominate their business niche.

If you are a starter, then a fee less than $250 you can make your internet presence using a static websites. Static websites are less detailed as compared to dynamic webpages which are suitable for large business entities which require elaborate information display. Even though static websites aren’t interactive as dynamic websites they can still showcase product offerings through multimedia such as videos, photos and even audio clips.

As your web presence grows, you will also need to employ other aspects of web technology to enhance your content delivery and ensure that customers are kept in the loop for latest offers, news and events, and new product releases. This can be done by setting up a mail list and asking your customers to subscribe to a newsletter which will be sent to their e-mail addresses periodically.

The center of power for web based advertisement is through networking. Web technologies such as social networks have implemented techniques that will enable you to market to any audience, any where in the world. Using social platforms to network and market your business can be a milestone and will help you build a solid web marketing strategy.

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