The return of a Monster – Digg v.4 is Unveiled

Digg has recently had a few hiccups in the internet world especially with the likes of social networking sites like facebook, twitter and search engine giants like Google and Yahoo making  sharing easier than it was on the Social Bookmarking site Digg. Sharing favorites on the former sites is as easy as clicking on “Like” and in response social bookmarking giant Digg has upgraded its core to v.4. Digg is always a favorite place to find and share interesting material(media) that is articles, photos and videos putting them in categories making easier to scan through your particular niche of interest.

The Digg Monster

Digg unveiled the new design on August 24th and there have been a lot of speculation in its operation, with some reporting bugs and a reduced response time. With these hurdle other social bookmarking rivals like Reddit for the past week were spamming Digg’s main pages with its submissions.

With time all these hiccups have been taken care of and Digg boasts lots of new features like adding  API’s to popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter and stealing the limelight by making it easier to share content with your contacts on these sites. You can now login in with your facebook and twitter accounts. Digg is still a great place to find the most interesting stuff. Digg this you will like what the new Digg Monster has to offer.

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