Finally some competition for the iPhone

The iPhone has enjoyed its reign at the realms of the best smart phone for a while now. With increased speed in application loading, improved performance and updated 3D graphics for enhanced gaming experience and other excellent features which I am sure you have experienced on your own if you own the Apple internet device.

But, in steps DROID by Motorola to share the spoils with the iPhone as a smarter phone. The DROID is the first device built to be running Android 2.0 operating system from Google. Android as an open platform is growing fast with background apps, widgets and customization exposing many of the features available in the iPhone.

Combining Android 2.0 and the hardware features available in the DROID handset, not to mention its physical full QWERTY keyboard, removable battery, 5.0 mega pixel camera and an expansion slot – the DROID has come in fully armored to tussle with the infamous iPhone.

To throw in a few more punches, is the DROID running on the Verizon network. The DROID will surely lure users from the iPhone (and AT&T) by promoting VZW’s superior 3G data network – You can check out the YouTube video: There’s a map for that

Being that the DROID runs on Android provides for easy customization of themes and widgets. The iPhone provides for an upgrade but you have to jailbreak it for your personal customization options.

An additional feature is the haptic feedback – this is a slight vibrating sensation, when you press the keys on the DROID. What is a smart phone without the ability for geographic navigation, the implementation of Google maps with driving directions comes with no surprise – the ability of the DROID to provide voice-assisted turn-by-turn directions based on GPS obliterates the iPhone’s GPS directions which cost extra inclusive of a hefty monthly fee.

In as much as a physical keyboard may seem like a good idea, the DROID keyboard does not provide enough key travel. Worse still it does not auto-correct as you type. However, Android 2.0’s virtual keyboard has an improved layout increasing accuracy and includes a smart dictionary which extends to contact names.

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