Please, an infomercial for Windows 7

Kenya will be embracing digital TV in a year or so. Being a country that is yet to embrace digital or cable TV infomercials are usually not a common way of marketing or advertising. That takes me to the focus of this blog. Microsoft has just launched a marketing campaign that exhibits concepts of sleazy infomercials that show up late at night on cable TV. I know you are now thinking that I am just dispensing rumors, but once you read through this blog and watch the videos then you will realize why Microsoft is harnessing these marketing techniques to promote its new operating system. In my previous blog I highlighted reasons why Windows XP would still be a favorable operating system to most users for the coming years. You are now wondering how this got through a brainstorming session at the headquarters of the leading software providers board rooms.

Now you get more interested and want to watch this infomercial other videos for the Windows 7 campaign. They are readily available in YouTube. According to me the party theme adopted by Microsoft would appeal to the new user, someone who is just trying to embrace computer technology and has finally decided to get that portable PC. Party environments like this are chaos free giving the impression that when using the Windows 7 platform on your PC everything is okay and things are running smooth. However the novice will never attend such an event, making it a waste of time.

Then comes the techies, people would want to know everything new in the tech world, myself included once you start watching these videos you just start feeling whacked up. But you take a look and take a poll on what you think.

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