With the current bubble over of Microsoft’s New Operating System Windows 7. Several issues have been raised about whether it will be better than Windows Vista or whether all incompatibility issues experienced with its predecessor have been solved.

Ready.Set.7Ready.Set.7 is a web page designed in support of the product compatibility logo. As you know products that are operating system compatible usually have a logo indicating that the product is compatible with the operating system. This web page will help users identify brands that are windows 7 compatible. Problem is that the web page just contains lists of company brands instead of the user desired products.

Furthermore, if you take a look at the Ready.Set.7 web page you will realize that it has more of an advertising layout rather than a page to help users find products that work with Windows 7 which users are more interested in. If the company logos are clicked you only get a short message on Windows 7 on the left and brief information on the company. On some clicks, you will find short videos covering the same.

The purpose of the logo is to give customers confidence that the products are compatible with their new Operating System. However, the focus should not be on the companies but on the products they offer.

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