The Best PHP Framework 2015 – And the Winner Is!

The Best PHP Framework 2015 - And the Winner Is!

Recently Sitepoint went around the web asking developers which PHP Framework they preferred. And after a lot of questions here and there they came up with the best PHP framework 2015.

Before I announce who the winner is, I will define Framework for all those newbie developers or those who are just starting up with development.

A frame work is basically a piece of software, a collection of libraries that are used to make development in a specific language easier.

There are various frameworks for different languages of course and also for different platforms. We can have a software framework, CMS framework, JavaScript framework and more.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I would like to say that my favourite PHP framework for a while has been CodeIgniter  but based on the new results I might have to change this. However, you must note that the advantages of a particular PHP framework are highly dependent on your personality as a programmer. So before you jump your horses and move to a new framework, you need to analyze what works for you and what doesn’t. Besides all these frameworks have been designed to make your programming easier in one way or another.

Sitepoint, recently revealed Lavarel as the most preferred PHP framework and labeled it as the best PHP framework 2015.

Best PHP Framework 2015


This graph not only proves that Laravel is the most popular PHP Framework but its tremendous growth over other frameworks like CodeIgniter.


Below are some of the reasons why I think Lavarel is a great PHP Framework:

  1. Lavarel has the most beautiful PHP syntax of any PHP framework out there.
  2. Lavarel makes it very easy to write amazing web applications in a very short time
  3. Lavarel makes it super easy to collaborate with your team on a project by keeping everyone in sync using database agnostic migrations and schema builder.

These are a few of Lavarels features you can check it out at >>


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