The power of flagging an E-mail message

I know most of you underestimate or totally never use flagging for e-mail messages. But you at times have corresponded through e-mail and the recipients aren’t too keen in responding. You probably want more information and the inquiry e-mail has probably slipped into the junk filter. Time comes when you need the information and you realize there was no response from the recipient.

You might be thinking, why not use action lists. Action lists, in as much as they are good they do not serve well especially when the parties involved cannot remember the exact e-mail message you are looking for. The recipient must have received hundreds of e-mail messages in the past few days and does not remember the exact e-mail you are talking about through your follow up phone call.

Here comes flagging, In Microsoft Outlook you can follow up such e-mail messages by flagging them in the following ways:

  1. Flagging an e-mail message before sending it
  2. Click on the Follow Up button on the toolbar. Then choose an appropriate flag or Add Reminder. (In Outlook 2007, click the Message tab and click Follow Up in the Options group.)

  3. Flag the sent e-mail message
  4. You have just clicked on the Send/Receive button and realized that you haven’t flagged it. You need not to worry because you can access it from the Sent Items folder, Right-click it then choose Follow Up and Add Reminder.

    Well, flagging a message does not make the response come any faster but it makes the e-mail messages easier to track. Once you have flagged a message it is sort according to the flag and you can easily view it and know whom you are expecting a feedback from and when and where to take action.

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